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Innovative Sonic Powered Irrigation | Three benefits in one solution

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EDDY® tips are powered at a high frequency of up to 6,000 Hz by airscaler. The vibration produced is transferred to the polyamide tip, which – thanks to the special qualities of the material – is moved in an oscillating motion at high amplitude. This three-dimensional movement triggers cavitation and acoustic streaming attributed with higher cleaning efficiency.

Sonic powered EDDY tips bring the same effectiveness to activating irrigants as ultrasonics, but due to the soft polymer tips, sets a new standard of combined safety and efficiency. Furthermore, EDDY demonstrates its versatility by supporting placement and removal of calcium hydroxide as well as placement of sealer.

  • 1 blister packs of 2 Irrigation Tips, sterile

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EDDY is made from a safe and flexible polymer material, unlike the stiff metal of irrigation needles and ultrasonic tips. Thus, it can easily go around curves – maintaining the integrity of the root canal anatomy.

  • Reliable removal of residual tissue and dentine chips
  • Closer approximation to the apex than a metal tip
  • Forgiving material with low risk of fracturing the tip or damaging the dentine

With vibration of 5,000 to 6,000 Hz, EDDY creates a three-dimensional movement. The polymer material of EDDY causes a highly effective oscillation in the irrigant that triggers two cleaning effects: cavitation and acoustic streaming.

  • Three-dimensional movement for irrigant activation
  • Extended reach through oscillation
  • Physical effects intensify cleaning performance

Research* not only shows that sonic action helps to remove debris and reach areas difficult to clean through mechanical preparation. It is also proven that EDDY tips activated by an airscaler at 6,000 Hz perform equal to or better than passive ultrasonic irrigation.

*Source: Canal cleanliness using different irrigation activation systems: a SEM evaluation. Urban K, Donnermeyer D, Schäfer E, Bürklein S; Department of Operative Dentistry, University of Münster, Münster, Germany; Clin Oral Investig, Feb. 2016

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Perfect integration into your workflow

EDDY can easily be integrated into daily practice, as no documentation for the number of usages is needed. The tip is also compatible with a variety of airscalers.

  • Sterile packaged single-use tips
  • Cost-efficient and time-saving
  • Easy implementation with one tip regardless of canal size

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